Presentation Schedules

Session 1

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Room 801 (13.00-14.20)
Bringing Innovations to Second/Foreign Language Instruction and Assessment
Shao-Ting Alan Hung Flipped classroom approach in English teacher education
Heng-Tsung Danny Huang Graph Description Tasks in L2 Speaking Assessment
Chan-Chia Hsu Hands-on Corpus-based Tasks for Learning Chinese Nearsynonyms: With the Help of the Sketch Engine
Wei-Chieh Fang Enhancing EFL Learners’ Oral Communicative Performance through Reciprocal Feedback Using Mobile App


Room 802 (13.00-14.20)
Language and Communication I
Adisorn Vinitwatanakhun Shyness and Language Achievement in Thai EFL Context
Arlene Bobadilla /
Asst. Prof. Dr.Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk
English linguistic capital and positioning in transnational field: The case of Filipino EFL teachers in Thailand
Donald Patterson Japanese University Students’ Mindsets and Effort Regulation in English and Nursing Education: Preliminary Results from an EdD Study
Trixie Mae M. Mengorio/
Lady Majalia Amor M. Diaz
The Conquerors: The Birth of Social Media Recreates the Modern ESL Classroom
Remart Dumlao/
Asst. Prof. Dr. Saowaluck Tepsuriwon
From the Philippines to Thailand: Novice Filipino teachers’ identity formation and positioning in Thailand


Session 2

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Room 801 (14.40-16.00)
Language and Communication II
Jariya Sairattanain/
Parinda Jantori
Interest-Driven Digital Practices of University Students and Language Learning
Kanokpoj Khakhaï “I Just Want to Win the Game” The Exploration of Bullying in English Language Classroom: The Elementary Context
Parawee Khajornphaiboon Talking as Inspiring: An Analysis of Inspirational Language Strategies in Ted – Talks
Boonrawd Chotivachira Study of Nonviolent Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Thai Language Classes Between Students and Thai Language Student-Teachers


Room 802 (14.40-16.00)
Language and Communication III
Prathomwat Suraprajit Exploring Oral Communication Strategies among Prospective Thai Employees Used during Job Interviews
Rinda Warawudhi /
Wipa Praditwiengkham /
Panuchada Charoenchai /
Pawanrat Tangjui /
Weraphon Carmesak /
Pawalee Boonpok
Should we add ‘Intercultural competence’ in English for Hotel course?
Pattanun Sawajtam /
Sompatu Vungthong
A case study of a Thai expatriate’s use of code-switching in different settings in Singapore
Kosin Panyaatisin Keyword Analysis on Coping with Higher Education Bankruptcy Using Top US University as Case Studies


Special Session

Friday, August 2, 2019     Room 202 (9.15-10.40)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nattama Pongpairoj
Department of English, Faculty of Arts
Chalalongkorn University
Assist. Prof. Dr. Wannapa Trakulkasemsuk
Department of Language Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
Dr. Parameth Lord-Asa
School of Humanities and Applied Arts
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
“Will ELF Succeed Where EFL Fails?”
From a critical applied linguistic perspective, English as a foreign language (EFL) belongs to the lower rung of the linguistic ladder, rendering its speakers far inferior to the English native counterparts. Over the past two decades, English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), a sociolinguistic innovation, has been proposed to more appropriately characterize the multiple roles of English in a globalized world. For ELF belongs to those who speak it, obviating the native vs. non-native speaker dichotomy. With this level-playing field come challenges as regards the manner in which ELF has been appropriated. This, arguably, leads to considerable contention as to whether ELF will succeed where EFL fails. In this discussion, the panelists will share with you their respective experiences as both EFL/ELF researchers and English language teachers. Specifically, they will explore the roles of ELF vis-à-vis EFL in Thai society. In so doing, long-standing problems regarding the notion of success and failure accompanying EFL might be elucidated. Essentially, it is hoped that this panel discussion will give the audience the platform to further explore the inevitable roles of English in the foreseeable future. “Will ELF succeed where EFL fails?” might be the question warranting careful consideration from all concerned.


Session 3

Friday, August 2, 2019

Room 801 (10.45-12.00)
Language and Communication IV
Jatupon Powichit Exploring the Introductory Structure of The World Championship of Public Speaking Contests’ Speeches as a pedagogical Model for Public Speaking Classroom: A Genre-based Move Analysis
Thomas Pals “Engineering Group Proposals: Presentations for Science and Engineering Students
Sarmiento, Daoden Kate/
Urmatam Odeza
Ethical Dilemmas and Decision- making of Baguio-based Journalists


Room 802 (10.45-12.00)
Language and Communication V (Session in Japanese)
Tewich Sawetaiyaram 日本語学習の動機付け -年齢が異なる学習者を対象に-
Sirapob Wongsanongkij /
Hiroki Goto
⾮外来語に対するカタカナ使⽤ タイ人日本語学習者と中国人日本語学習者の比較を通して