Map and Direction

Graduate School of Language and Communication (GSLC)
National Institute of  Development Administration (NIDA)

118 Seri-Thai Rd. Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok Thailand 10240 

Tel. (66) 2-727-3138 - 47  Fax. (66) 2-377-7892



nidamap thai

The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) can be reached by a range of public transportation. 

Airport Rail Link:  from BTS (Sky Train) Phayathai station in Central Bangkok or from the terminal station at Suvarnabhumi Airport, get off at Ramkhamhaeng station. Then, take a taxi to NIDA. The fare should not exceed Baht 100. Please insist on the meter fare.

Public Bus:  Buses number 36ก (36Ko), 44, 60, 71, 134ก (134Ko), 151, ปอ. 60 (Po-O 60/ Aircon No. 60), ปอ. 501(Po-O 501/ Aircon No. 501), ปอ. 519 (Po-O 519/ Aircon No. 519) pass NIDA on Seri Thai Road. There is a bus stop right in front of the campus.

Motor Boat: If you prefer an exciting journey from Central Bangkok along Saensaep Canal, hop on the boat from Patuman Pier and get off at the terminal pier of Wat Si Bun Rueng. Then cross over the bridge and walk to the main road. Turn right and keep walking along the road, NIDA is located on your right hand side. 

Taxi: Most taxis in Bangkok are metered taxis. It is written on the illuminated cab above the car as 'TAXI-METER.'  The fare varies depending on the distance and the time you spend on your journey. Do not negotiate your fare with drivers. There are plenty of taxis available in Bangkok and many honest drivers are willing to respect the price on the meter. 

You can also call 1681 to place an advanced order with Taxi Radio. You need to tell the operator where and when you would like to be picked up. Please also give an extra Baht 20 to the driver for using this service. 

You can also ask your hotel receptionists to arrange a taxi pick up for you, providing that you inform them at least 30 minutes in advance. 

Although gratuity or tip is not necessary, your generosity will always be appreciated. 

Please note that some drivers may refuse to take you. This is illegal. Please take note as much information as you can regarding the car plate registration, drivers' licnence number and names; if possible. Then please report this to the ICLC staff for making an official complaint with Thai authorities. 

Motorcycle Taxi: The fare varies depending on the distance of your journey. A short distance can start from Baht 20. Please ask drivers for the agreed fare before starting your journey.



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