Presentation Schedules

Session 1

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 801  (13.00-15.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 1

Natakorn  Satienchayakorn/ Rachel Grant

A case for critical perspectives in English language teaching in Thailand

Juthamas  Tangsantikul

Talking about pen sao in the 1950s-60s: An exploration through the discussion on a history of manners

Kretsai  Woottipong

The effectiveness of video podcast lesson summaries on language learning and teaching

Patspat  Praneenararat

Developing English speaking ability for delivering historical information by lessons based on genre approach for Thai EFL university learners

Cheryl Pondevida-Baldric

The dynamics of developing sinugbuanong binisaya reading materials: A phenomenological study


Session 1

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 802  (13.00-15.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 2

Nathinee  Klamphonplook

Classifying Thai verbs in comparison to Japanese verbs through the TAM perspective

Triporn  Kasempremchit

A comparative study of comparative sentences “bubi” and “mai..kwa”

Chidchanok  Hongtipparat

How Thai natives learning Japanese language use “Arigato” and “Sumimasen” to express gratitude

Hiroyuki Eto

Synonyms at three levels in English and Japanese: Focusing on the difference in nuance

Tanporn  Trakantalerngsak

The introduction of phonetic training to Japanese language teaching

Kyoichi  Yokota

What learners of Japanese in a Thai university seek when engaging in a short-term exchange program with students from a university in Japan


Session 1

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 803  (13.00-15.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 3

Janpha  Thadphoothon/ Erik  Prather

A discourse analysis of newspaper headlines containing the words ‘China’ or ‘Chinese’: A case study of two English language newspapers in Thailand

Yuth  Thongcharoen

Cyberbullying: A ‘virtual’ epidemic

Nathan  Thomas

The spread of English as a global language: A critical review of models and classifications

Valentine  Tassev

The dichotomy between grammar and context re-visited in the process of English language education

Isara  Choosri

Authorship attribution of the tale of khun chang khun phaen using lexical richness

Guilbert  Nicanor A. Atillo/ Ralph A. Cardeño

e-Government implementation compliance: The case of the local government units of Negros Oriental, The Philippines


Session 1

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 804  (13.00-15.00)

Language Research for Business Education

Jaruwan  Puangmalee

A study of skill development needs for international migration to wok cross border in ASEAN Community

Parinun  Permpoonsap / Rosukhon  Swatevacharkul

Investigating students’ perspectives of training peer mediators in DA-SRS instructional process

Chutamas  Sudrarajun

Translating songs, is it a joy or agony?

Supakorn  Panichkul/ Soisithorn  Isarankura

A study of the pronunciation of English consonant clusters by Thai speakers in airline business

Romain  Benassaya

Recommendations for integrating the development of 21st century competencies in business language curriculum


Session 2

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 801 (15.30-17.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 4

Guilbert Nicanor A. Atillo

Gender differences in the choice of information technology career

Ravinun  Sintawarat / Jaray  Singhakowinta

Hedging in journalistic political discourse

Wanaree  Payonlert

An investigation of students’ motivation in English language learning: A case study of graduate school of business students, Assumption University

Pranpreeya  Pangngern / Jaray  Singhakowinta

Speaking Feminine: Power resistance or power negotiation?


Room 802 (15.30-17.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 5

Chanakant  Boonkaew/ Kornsiri  Boonyapakob

College EFL Thai students’ perception of an autonomous learning model to help improve English language pronunciation

Hohsung  Choe

Korean educational migration to Southeast Asia for English language learning

Pannapat Krarundetch

A study of language learning strategies used by international junior high school students in Thailand

Rachan Nillawanapha

The type of alphabet, language and content in ancient manuscript (Khoi book) from Mahachai ancient manuscript library, Mahachai Temple, Tumbol Talat, Mueng District, Maha Sarakham



Session 2

Thursday, 30th November 2017

Room 803 (15.30-17.00)

Language, Communication & Culture 6

Krittat  Sukma / Ratchaporn  Pattanaphumma

Attitudinal study of  EFL accents: Perceptions of English and non-English teachers at an international university in Bangkok

Sirinan  Nuypukiaw

A case study of first-year students’ language anxiety at Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University

Supakarn  Pathong

Cultural mediation in the translation of Thai food names

Wei Dai/ Pacharaporn  Kesaprakorn

The relationships among customers’ social engagement in facebook, brand equity, customer satisfaction, and their intention to purchase Tiffany jewelry

Room 804 (15.30-17.00)

Language Research for Business Education

Sarit  Siribud

‘I think I did well’: A preliminary corpus-based study on students’ authorial identities in written self-reflection

Nida  Boonma/ Rosukhon  Swatevacharkul

Developing autonomous learning process for public speaking in English class: A conceptual framework

Nussara  Wadsorn / Sarit Siribud

The e-fluential roles of electronic word-of-mouth in academic settings

Weeraya  Donsomsakulkij

When we meet again: Environmental ethics, posthumanism and remembrance in Hayao Miyazaki’s Sprited Away


 Session 3

Friday, 1st December 2017

 Room 801 (13.15 -15.15)

Language, Communication & Culture 7

Chayada  Tanavisuth

Exploring professional development needs in ELT: A case from Thai primary school teachers in SamutPrakarn primary educational service area office 2

Korakote  Natiladdanon

International student voices: Researching peer feedback in writing

Sirirat  Pholmoo

The power of language of ecocentrism in children’s literature: Empathy in Roald Dahl’s The magic finger

Ma Sau Wan / Rosukhon  Swetevacharkul

An investigation of Kachin institutes teachers’ beliefs about learner autonomy


Session 3

Friday, 1st December 2017

Room 802 (13.15 -15.15)

Language, Communication & Culture 8

Ralph A.Cardeño

Mitigating in political persuasion: The state-of-the-Nation Addresses of a Philippine President

Rachavadee  Suksuchorn / Rujira  Rojjanaprapayon

Discrediting and self-defending between an accuser and a defender in a Thai soap “MueanKon La Faak Fa”

Wacharaporn  Duangklang / Rujira  Rojjanaprapayon

Communication and conflict management between a customer and a restaurant server in the movie “Five Easy Pieces”

Titiporn  Duangthong / Rujira  Rojjanaprapayon

“The customer is always right” became not right in interactions between service providers and a customer in the movie “Falling Down”


Session 3

Friday, 1st December 2017

Room 803 (13.15 -15.15)

Language, Communication & Culture 9

Joey Andrew Lucido Santos/Airah Joy Francisco Ibardolaza

On impoliteness and flaming: The Philippine President’s press conference on territorial dispute against China

Supatranut  Singhanuwananon

Problematic English pronunciation areas among Thai EFL engineering students and their perception on self-confidence

Chayaphon Baicharoen 

Documentary research on authentic video materials in English language listening classrooms

Ralph A. Cardeño / Lino L. Mondido

Communicative language teaching (CLT) in Thailand


Room 804 (13.15 -15.15)

Language, Communication & Culture 10

Kuldeep  Nagi

Traditional media, new social media and impact of fake news on society and governance

Ployprapa  Wungmuang / Rujira  Rojjanaprapayon

“Buang-Hong” and sexual harassment in interactions between Thai service providers and a non-Thai customer

Chanapol  Pimsen / Rujira  Rojjanaprapayon

Miscommunication and communication failure between the immigration staff and a foreigner in the movie “The Terminal”

Supatra Permpoonchokekana/ Pacharaporn  Kesaprakorn

The relationship among social engagement in LINE application of channel 3, brand equity, organization—public relationship, and TV viewing behavior of Thai residents in Bangkok Metropolitan